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Walen Phone Numbers
Bangkok Sukhumvit:
Office: +66(0)917-541-931

Office: +66 (0) 38-410-526
+66 (0) 38-410-527

Chiang Mai:
Office: +66(0)81-885-7589

The Method

Thai Language and The Walen Method

The Walen Method of teaching Thai is based on a natural learning process. The teacher will teach you many new words and how they are used in everyday language. It is done in a question-answer format. As you answer questions, the teacher will help you if you find answering difficult and will revise it with you until you feel comfortable with the newly introduced work.

Teachers will constantly correct your pronunciation and tones so within a short period of time you will see a rapid and definite improvement in your Thai.

Right from the beginning you will also be taught how to read Thai. It is easier than you think! We will not teach you any Romanized transliteration of the Thai script as we believe it is counterproductive. You are definitely capable of learning to read and write in Thai using Thai script. At our school it is easier than you think!

We invite you to try a free Thai language lesson at our school. Learning Thai at our school is easy and enjoyable! Try The Walen Method Now!

How The Method works

It is important for the student to understand something of the workings of the Walen Method before he/she begins his/her studies. You are encouraged to read the following points carefully. If you would like to discuss any of these points in more detail please contact us and we will be happy to give you more information.

No preconceived ideas

You as one of our students are asked to clear your mind of all preconceived ideas of how Thai should be taught if you wish to enjoy the full benefit of the Walen Method. Accept everything open-mindedly, and then judge by results.

The initial shock

Some students on first being introduced to the Walen Method tend to be lost. They think they will never be able to remember all the work during the lesson. If however, they persevere and revise for a few lessons, they soon realise that it is all quite easy and enjoyable, and that anyone can do it.

The secret of success in learning a language is to repeat, repeat and repeat

The most important point for the student to understand when learning a language is the need for constant repetition; and by repetition is also meant revision.

A language reflex

Learning a language, like learning to type or play the piano, is principally a question of developing a quick reflex. The more you practice the better you become. Quick reflexes can only be developed by mechanical repetition. Everything has to be repeated and revised over and over again until the natural reflex is developed.

Don't worry too much!

Language reflexes can only be developed by practice. You as a student must therefore learn to speak and read without worrying too much about too many trivial details when learning to speak Thai.

Mechanical repetition

A quick reflex can only be developed by mechanical repetition. Everything has to be repeated and revised over and over again until the reflex can be performed automatically without thinking.

The order of learning - ear, mouth, eye, hand

You should learn the Thai language in the same way as you learnt your own language when you were a child. A child first hears the language, then imitates what he hears, later he sees the words written, and finally writes them himself.

When a child learns his own language he will often repeat things he hears without understanding exactly what he/she is saying, the understanding comes later. So it should be with a language student. The student should try not to think too much, or analyze everything, or keep constantly asking 'why?' This, of course, is difficult for a thinking adult unaccustomed to doing things without a complete understanding of exactly what he/she is doing, or why he/she is doing it; but too much questioning will slow you down. A language is learnt faster by observation and imitation than by explanation.

Poor memory is overcome by constant revision

The two greatest enemies of learning are boredom and poor memory. The Walen Method overcomes boredom through speed, and poor memory through revision. Revising everything not only ensures speed of speaking, understanding and reading, but also ensures that the student remembers what he/she learns, no matter how poor his/her memory.

Free Demonstration

You are welcome to come to our school and have a free demonstration of the Method, we are sure you will enjoy it.

Enjoy the Walen Method!

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